SOHN Nurse

Outstanding Service Award

Outstanding Service Award

This is the highest honor bestowed upon a SOHN member. It recognizes service above and beyond.

This award was established in 1985. To date 29 members have been honored with this award.

Award Announced at Annual Congress

Outstanding Service Award Recipients

2015  Sharon Jamison

2013  Kari E. McConnell

2011  Lenore Harris

2010  Rosemary Buzzelli

2009  Carolyn Waddington

2008  Ann P. Luther

2007  Linda Miller Calandra

2006  Cindy J. Dawson and Ann E.F. Sievers

2005  Ann McKennis

2004  Victoria Soward

2003  Denise Wood

2002  Helene J. Krouse

2001   Janice Adams, Mary Huntoon and Jill Lancaster

1999  Susan Rudy

1998  Heather Rebic and Cindy Tucker

1997  Lorie Sparacino

1994  Connie Yuska

1993  Kaye Meehan

1990  Penny Fisher

1988  Linda Schuring

1987  Barbara Nolan

1985  Anne Bigelow, Carolyn Croft, Sandra Schwartz and Barbara Sigler