SOHN Nurse




SOHN will foster the professional growth of the ORL nurse through education and research and will develop a dynamic organization that is responsive to the needs of the membership.

SOHN provides opportunities for professional interaction, education and growth. The organization was chartered with 47 nurses in 1976 and has grown to a membership of over 1,100 nurses.

  • Full memberships are open to all registered nurses with an interest in ORL, head and neck or related fields of nursing.
  • Associate memberships are available to LPN/LVNs with an interest in ORL, head and neck or related fields of nursing.

With your membership to SOHN you receive:

  • ORL Head and Neck Nursing – official publication
  • The Update – our newsletter
  • Annual Congress and Nursing Symposium, Spring Seminar Series, and other educational programs at reduced rates
  • Full Member – voting privileges, Eligibility for SOHN/ ENT-NF awards, scholarships and grants
  • Mentoring program for research and practice

As a member you may also take advantage of:

  • National Certification Examination in Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nursing
  • Research Grant Awards
  • Specialty ENT groups for networking opportunities
  • ANA Accredited National and Regional Educational Programs
  • Publications including
    Core Curriculum for Otorhinolaryngology Head-Neck Nursing and Telephone Triage for Otorhinolaryngology Head-Neck Nurses
  • Affiliation with the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery


All Members have access to the “Member Login” area of the SOHN website for access to:

  • SOHN Membership Directory – alphabetically and geographically
  • The Scope and Standards of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nursing Practice
  • The Legislative Toolkit – created by the Health Policy and Advocacy Committee in 2014
  • The Laryngectomee Guide
  • “My Voice”, a Physician’s Personal Experience with Throat Cancer