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Meet the President

Welcome to SOHN

I joined SOHN in 2001 and went to my first SOHN Congress that year in Denver. The last day of the conference was September 11th. The strength of SOHN was shown to me then, as we came together to support one another during those dark days after the attacks in New York and Washington. As I continued my membership, I began to participate more, learning and growing with the organization. I have made many friends over the years in the world of ORL. There are so many opportunities and avenues in the organization to participate and develop yourself.

I hope you will join in the activities and maintain a lasting relationship with all the great members in SOHN. I hope that you find that your continued membership helps not only the organization, but you, as an ORL nurse. As your knowledge grows, so will your care of the patients we all care for. I welcome everyone and hope we can all work together to make SOHN a better and improved organization.

Chester Hilton BSN RN CORLN
SOHN President 2020 & 2021